Superbee Organic Cotton Face Mask for Kids

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Since the unwelcome arrival of COVID-19, SuperBee seamstresses, like Khun Tan, have been industriously sewing hundreds of SuperBee facemasks, from off-cuts of GOTS certified, organic cotton, used in our Wax Wrap production.

So far (touch wood!), Thailand has been very fortunate in experiencing very low levels of COVID-19 infection rates. Much of this achievement can be attributed to the social mindedness of Thai people, as well as their willingness to wear masks every time they leave they house. Nobody goes shopping in Thailand without their mask, and perhaps more interestingly, nobody complains about having to wear one!

Zero Waste Masks

Making masks from leftover fabric aligns well with SuperBee’s zero-waste philosophy. We continue to strive to reduce our waste and ensure as little as possible is discarded during the SuperBee production cycle. Working with off-cuts means that fabric design can’t be chosen, therefore buying a SuperBee mask is like entering a lucky dip; the universe decides which vibrant fabric lands on your doorstep!

Benefits of Organic Cotton

The natural, breathable qualities of organic cotton make it a great material for mask making. There’s little risk of organic cotton causing allergic reactions or skin eruptions, the unfortunate side effect of many masks on sensitive skin. SuperBee masks include 3 layers of fabric, the recommended protection level for any COVID-safe mask, as well as a pocket in which to add an N95 filter to combat pollution and smoke, if you wish. With elastic ear-straps that can be tied to ensure a snug fit, our masks have been a hit with both adults and kids.

Kids & Masks

As any Mum will attest, it’s a tough sell getting kids, particularly very young kids, to wear masks. They can often be hot and uncomfortable and there’s no doubt they make communication with your friends that bit harder. So how do you convince kids to wear a face mask? Well, you make them as breathable as possible and you use fun and vibrant fabrics. What 5 year old wouldn’t want dinosaurs, whales or unicorns on their mask?

With the increasing global requirement for adults and children to wear masks in public spaces, SuperBee will continue to make our masks as affordable and accessible as possible.