Balance & Refresh Duo Set


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This set includes: 

1. FUSHI Biovedic Face Wash  150ml:

Refreshing botanical wash with revitalizing herbs and oils to leave the skin glowing.

The Biovedic™ Enzyme Face wash is formulated to scrub and leave the skin glowing gently. This refreshing botanical wash contains revitalizing herbs and oils including Rice Bran oil known for its skin brightening capability and Vanshlochan stem extract to cleanse the skin, leaving it dewy and fresh. Manjistha is carefully infused in this nourishing formula for its skin brightening properties. Perfect exfoliator to revive a tired-looking complexion and reveal fresher-looking skin. 

2. FUSHI Biovedic Face lotion 50ml:

Gentle radiance boosting face cream with revitalising Ayurvedic herbs and oils.

The Biovedic™ Face Cream is a blend with revitalising herbs and oils to deliver long lasting nourishment, absorbs rapidly and leaves the skin radiant. Consists of Ayurvedic herb Manjisthta is known for its skin brightening properties. Rice Bran is rich in sterols and sinks into the skin's dermis to keeps it supple. Blended with Kalahari Melon seed oil, for its incredible restorative properties. Perfect for dull skin and to keep the skin hydrated and radiant.