mCaffeine | Choco Body Lotion - 200 ml | Deep Moisturization | Dry Skin (BBE Nov-24)

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Intense moisturization with zero stickiness is made possible with this aromatic lotion that’ll leave your skin craving for more. Loaded with skin nurturing ingredients, the Choco Body Lotion deeply moisturizes and soothes to leave your skin irresistibly soft and #AddictedToGood in no time!

Non Sticky Deep Moisturization

Say goodbye to parched skin. This hydrating Choco Body Lotion replenishes dry skin with deep moisturization that leaves zero greasiness or stickiness behind.

Richness of Choco and Caffeine

Choco and Caffeine come together to give you the most replenishing self-care experience. Caffeine tones and soothes the skin while irresistible Cocoa Butter intensely moisturizes and smoothens.

Mood-lifting Chocolaty Aroma

The heavenly mood-lifting chocolaty aroma delights the senses as the indulgent lotion nourishes and nurtures the skin, leaving you craving for more.


Cocoa Butter: Deliciously aromatic, Cocoa butter intensely moisturises and smoothens skin leaving it supple and healthy.

Caffeine: Rich in antioxidants, Caffeine is a natural energiser that tones and soothes skin making it look lit from within.

Shea Butter: Creamy and indulgent, Shea butter moisturises and nourishes the skin, leaving it soft to touch

Caramel: Irresistible and aromatic, Caramel improves the skin texture and makes it more supple.

How to use

Step 1
Pump 3-4 dollops of the Choco Body Lotion into your palm.

Step 2
Gently massage the lotion over the body, especially the legs, arms, and dry areas.

Step 3
Take in the heavenly chocolate aroma of the lotion as it absorbs into your skin. For best results use it daily or whenever your skin is in need of moisturization.