Relaxing Set - Aromatherapy Blend Calming Essential Oil, Mandarin Essential Oil & Remedies to Roll Relaxation

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Remedies to Roll - Relaxation

This on the go aromatherapy blend is the perfect way to help you relax and enhance your wellbeing. The comforting blend of lavender, bergamot, and frankincense soothes body and mind while helping you to unwind. Keep on your desk or in your bag and apply throughout the day.

•    Expertly blended, comforting fragrance
•    Promotes a feeling of relaxation and calm
•    Perfect for when you’re on the go


Mandarin Essential Oil 10ml

This warming mandarin essential oil has a fruity scent, soothing qualities and is expressed from the rind of the fruit. Deeply restful, it’s calming for your emotions and is great for soothing grouchy, overtired children.

Key mandarin oil benefit: Relaxing
Latin name: Citrus nobilis
Country of origin: Brazil
Blends beautifully with: rose, lavender and chamomile
Suitable for children over 2 years old


Aromatherapy Blend - Calming 10ml

This calming blend of relaxing roman chamomile, restful mandarin and grounding bergamot was created with children in mind and helps to gently soothe when they’re over-excited, over-tired or a little grouchy.

  • Relaxes over-tired adults and children
  • The restful blend of essential oils
  • Creates an atmosphere of pure calm