Can I Place An Order Now Or Is It Too Late For This Season?

If you are a new customer, it is possible to place an order in season, however certain items may have sold out. Our Retailers pre order their stock, to make sure they receive the items they love! Contact us on +65 9889 0142 or email on and we’ll help you put an order together of current season stock. If you are an existing Retailer and missed the order deadline, please contact our Trade Team on +65 9889 0142.

Can I Add/Remove Items From My Order?

After placing your seasonal order you may reduce, or cancel it for up to 14 days after we receive it. Unfortunately after this time, because we have commitments and promises to our suppliers to keep, we will need to impose a cancellation fee. We have set this at 10% of the value amount your order has been reduced by.

Do I Have To Pre-Order

Yes, we do ask that customers pre order for each season, however there is the opportunity to ‘top up’ in season too. If you are new to Frugi we are happy for your first order to be in season to help get you started, however certain items may have sold out.

When Will I Receive My Order?

Our collection is split into 3 delivery drops, Spring/Summer is delivered at the end of January, February and beginning of April and Autumn/Winter is delivered at the end of July, August and beginning of October.

If you have pre ordered online, you will be able to specify the date from which you would like to receive your order (within a specified date range) when you order on the website.

Orders are packed and dispatched after full payment has been received.

In season top up orders, are normally dispatched within 3-5 days of payment being received.

Can I Top Up My Stock In Season?

Of course, there are no minimum order values for top ups in season. Delivery charges apply.

Can I Use Your Imagery?

We would love you to use our pictures on your website and for marketing materials. Before launch, we will provide you with all the professional photography of each product. Please note that all our images are embargoed until our published launch dates so please do not share them before and please do not use them on third party online sites.

Do You Offer Any POS Material?

Yes, we have lots of beautiful POS material for you to use, much of it we provide for free. We will add POS to your first order of the season ready for you to kit out your store.

How Can I Pay For My Order?

All orders are on a pro-forma basis unless other arrangements have been prearranged. If you are ordering on our Wholesale website, you will be asked for your payment details but no payment will be taken until your goods are dispatched to you from our warehouse. Alternatively you can select to pay by bank transfer.

Do We Offer Anyone An Exclusive Deal?

No, unfortunately it is deemed in law to be anticompetitive to offer exclusivity in a geographical area, however if you’d like to call +65 9889 0142 or email on then we can talk about your location in relation to other retailers we have many instances where retailers close by co-exist very well by stocking slightly different ranges.

Can I Sell On Third Party Sites Such As Facebook, Ebay, Amazon Etc?

No, we check that each retailer has a robust and reputable website or store with good secure payment systems etc. before we approve them as a retailer. We do not allow transactions to take place outside of those pre-approved websites or bricks and mortar stores. Advertising links to your website on Facebook etc. however is allowed.

What Else Can I Expect From Frugi?

Well in addition to fabulous, good quality products and great customer service we have also created a Frugi retailers community that you will be invited to, once accepted as a retailer. This is an exciting closed group on Facebook where retailers and Frugi HQ swop ideas and have tutorials etc. that help improve your business. The sharing of best practice can be a lifeline to retailers and is a very valued part of our offering to retailers.

Do You Have An Order Form?

While our website is the easiest and quickest way for you to place your order, we understand that there may be occasions where you want to place your order offline.  We can send you an order form which you can complete, and then upload to our website to place your order, or send back to us for processing.  Please contact your account administrator / manager for more information.

My Order Has Not Arrived Yet. What Should I Do?

If after 14 working days your order hasn’t arrived, you can contact us and we’ll investigate for you.

Email or call us on +65 9889 0142.

In the meantime, here’s a few things you might like to take a look at first:

  1. Could your parcel be waiting for you at your local Post Office? Every now and then our lovely postie forgets to leave us a card, so it’s worth a phone call to check! 
  2. Did you ask for your parcel to be left somewhere secure or with a neighbour? 
  3. Check your order details, just in case you’ve entered a different address. 
  4. Check your messages. We may be trying to contact you before we dispatch your order!
  5. For all international orders please check the tracking portal.