Our Sustainability Journey

Sharing our thoughts and experiences regarding the sustainable fashion business.

Natural fibers are a natural fit for eco-conscious fashion, as they are fully biodegradable. They also boast a range of performance benefits that sometimes get overlooked into favor of synthethics. However this doesn't mean the use of all natural fibers is without some concerns.
While man-made fabrics often get a bad rap, our team is of the belief that there’s more to this story than meets the eye.
Learn how to easily keep your clothing looking and feeling their very best long after you take them home.
We explore how our food and lifestyle choices have the potential to improve our health, support overall well-being, and even help the environment.
Christine Chow chats about how their brand works on repurposing fabrics to reduce waste, while maintaining premium style and quality.
We believe sustainability starts with shopping local, so we're excited to share some of our favourite independent labels in Hong Kong.
How to give your closet a minimalist makeover... and keep it that way!
How to buy better and smarter.