Bloomy Lotus Petite Acorn Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser

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Inspired by the beauty found in nature, the Bloomy Lotus® Petite Acorn Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser infuses gently from the rounded form of the budding acorn with the high performance technology of the Bloomy Lotus ultrasonic diffuser design. The subtle, silent ultrasonic atomization vaporizes a favorite essential oil over a generous interior area, operating for 2 or 4 hours in continuous operation with an 8-hour interval timing and an auto-safety setting if tipped over.

An integrated LED light at the body of the diffuser emits a warm, color-changing glow to promote an atmosphere of calm serenity. Resembling the pure, organic seed of a resplendent oak tree, this ultrasonic diffuser adds a touch of playful, friendliness to any home or office while gently dispersing a refreshing, fragrant mist into the air. The modern design's aesthetic features a beautifully grained natural wood base and a subtly chic frosted glass top cover. Easy to use, clean, and add fragrance or water. Features a special coating that protects against erosion caused by essential oils. BPA-free.

- Ultrasonic technology breaks any mixture of essential oils and water into millions of microparticles, disperses them into the air

- 4 LED illumination on the diffuser.

- Operation Time Setting (2hrs, 4hrs and 8hrs interval mode)

- Auto Shut-off at low water level

- High-quality body finishing with special Spraying Effect

- Unique Modern design inspired by Acorn

- BPA-free

- The diffuser has a special coating that protects against erosion by essential oils.

  • Product Size: 115mm x 166mm
  • Water Tank Size: 140ml
  • Material: PP + Glass Cover
  • Power: DC24V / 12W LED
  • Colors: Rotating, freeze color or off
  • Operation Time: 2hrs, 4hrs, 8hrs in interval mode
  • Coverage Area Up to 45m^2
  • Others Design Patented by Bloomy Lotus