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Our Pure Olive Cube Marseille Soap 100g is formulated exclusively with olive oil and meticulously respects the manufacturing process of the Edict of Colbert dating from 1688.

A 100% authentic soap Made in Marseille, often copied but never equaled!

Presented in its most authentic and purified form, our Marseille Soap offers you a natural, healthy and effective alternative for the whole family and household cleaning.

Old-fashioned saponification in cauldrons

Nearly 10 days are necessary for the production of our soap cooked in cauldrons according to the real Marseille process. This traditional know-how preciously passed down from generation to generation by our Master Soap Makers is always in the spotlight in our Savonnerie.

A natural and hypoallergenic soap

Formulated exclusively with olive oil, its composition is without the addition of preservatives, colorings, perfumes or animal fats. It does not contain palm oil.

Easily biodegradable and non-polluting, it is gentle on the environment

It constitutes an ecological alternative to chemical maintenance and hygiene products.

How to use

Marseille soap is ideal for washing the whole family. It is suitable for all skin types. It can also be used as a multi-purpose household cleaner. It effectively cleans, degreases and stains all surfaces as well as laundry.

Clean walls and ceilings

Nothing like Marseille soap for washing and degreasing walls and ceilings. Dilute a handful of soap shavings in a bucket of hot water. Wash using a sponge mop and rinse with clean water.


Regularly clean the soleplate of the iron that has become dirty or yellow by rubbing a piece of dry soap when the soleplate is slightly warm. Wipe with a soft dry cloth or a ball of newspaper to shine the surface.

Makeup brushes, sponges

Regular washing will rid them of dust particles and makeup residue that have accumulated over time. Gently soap the brushes without crushing them too much so as not to break the bristles. Repeat washing until the water is clear. Dry them with a dry cloth, then turn them upside down so that the brushes return to their original shape.


To keep a mattress fresh and clean, simply pass a washcloth moistened with Marseille soap over the surfaces to be cleaned. Then iron a glove soaked in clean water to rinse and leave to dry all day.

Strollers, childcare equipment

Hypoallergenic, Marseille Soap is ideal for maintaining childcare equipment such as strollers. Wash linens with removable covers in the washing machine using Marseille Savon shavings. For non-removable bed covers, wash with a sponge dampened with soap. For odorous and stubborn stains, rub with soap and a little baking soda, leave for a few hours to remove the dirt then rinse. Allow to air dry thoroughly.


Scrub your shoes using a soft brush soaked in lukewarm water and Marseille soap, and let dry in the open air without rinsing.

Tips for removing fog

To combat fogging of your mirrors, glasses...simply pass a small piece of Marseille soap on the surfaces and wipe with a clean cloth. Repeat this tip every month.

Unblock a zipper

To unblock your zipper, use a piece of Marseille soap and rub the notches of the zipper.

Erase the trace of a hem

To remove the marks from a hem, rub Marseille soap on the surface, place a piece of tissue paper and iron with a hot iron.

Traditional recipe for laundry care

Dilute a handful or 40g of shavings in 1L of hot water and stir until a gel is obtained, the detergent is ready for use. Store in a suitable bottle, and shake well before each use.

Recipe for stubborn stains

Dilute 100g of shavings in 2L of hot water, add 1 cup of baking soda and ½ cup of white vinegar. Allow to cool and shake well before use.

In general, rub dry stains, shirt collars and cuffs with damp soap before machine or hand washing.

For tougher stains, proceed in the same way but leave to act for a few hours before washing.

Leather sofa maintenance

Coat a washcloth or cloth moistened and well wrung out with Marseille soap then lightly massage the leather using circular movements. Dry with a clean cloth. This cleaning will bring flexibility and longevity to the leather.

Wooden deck

Regularly rid the terrace of mold, impurities and pollution accumulated over months by washing it with a broom, a basin of hot water and a handful of diluted soap shavings. This simple and effective cleaning will better maintain your terrace over time.

Storing Marseille Soap

Store Marseille Soap in a shaded, dry place. It is in fact a living material with a complexion and a shape that can evolve over time and depending on its exposure to air, humidity and light. It will nevertheless retain all its qualities and effectiveness. Our grandmothers left it to dry for months in their cupboards so that it becomes extra-dry and lasts longer with use.

Making your chips

Use a cheese grater to make shavings from a cube or bar of Marseille soap. We recommend that you preferably use beige vegetable soap which will be harder and easier to grate than that with olive oil.


Sodium Olivate, Aqua (water), Sodium Chloride, Sodium Hydroxide.

This soap may vary in color depending on exposure to light and humidity.