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A perfect gift for a family member or friend that may need a dose of extra pampering. Our Wellbeing gift set contains a marriage of zesty uplifting grapefruit and warm aromatic white thyme, our Energising boost blend of over 9 essential oils is infused into each product of the wellbeing boost set. The Shower Mist will brighten any morning, or awaken your senses after a long day.  The nourishing hand cream is spirit lifting and wonderfully stress relieving and the pulse oil can be reapplied throughout the day to give you an extra energising boost.

Packaged in our beautiful bespoke gift box this set contains full size:
Energising Shower Mist 30ml,
Energising Pulse Point Oil 10ml,
Energising Hand Cream 30ml.

Our Energising Boost Shower Mist is designed to add a touch of indulgence to your daily cleansing ritual. To use, simply mist 2-3 spritzes of your Energising Boost shower mist into your shower area, turn on the water and allow the hot steam to infuse with the delicate aroma. Take a moment to embrace the melody of essential oils, inhale a few deep breaths, and let the energising effects of the mist help to boost your state of mind.

Our 100% natural, Energising Pulse Point Oil is the perfect on the go spirit lifting and mood enhancing oil. Great for when I am traveling, I gently roll a small amount of oil directly onto your pulse points - I like to use it on temples, inner wrists and inner elbows and take three slow, deep breaths and allow the aroma to envelop your senses to reawaken my mind and body.

Designed to stimulate creativity, our essential oil infused hand cream is nourishingly protective and intensely moisturising. This pocket friendly lotion will help soothe your hands, leaving them soft and supple with a wonderfully invigorating fragrance.  

Handmade in our Perfumery - Norfolk.