NORFOLK | Complete Pulse oil Care Set (Set of 7 x 10ml Pulse oils)



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Our Complete Pulse Point Oil gift set is the ultimate wellbeing experience that contains our 7 different Pulse Point Oils that each have their own synergistic blend of essential oils. This set of companions would be a perfect gift for a family member or friend that needs a little extra help encouraging self-wellbeing such as increasing our energy levels, improving focus and helping you to de-stress and drift off.

Packaged in our beautiful bespoke gift box this set contains full size:
Pulse Point oil - Cool & Soothe 10ml,
Pulse Point oil - De-stress & Breathe 10ml,
Pulse Point oil - Deepest Sleep 10ml,
Pulse Point oil - Energising Boost 10ml,
Pulse Point oil - Focus & Centre 10ml,
Pulse Point oil - Meditation & Calm 10ml,
Pulse Point oil - Relax & Release 10ml,

Gently roll a small amount of oil directly onto your pulse points, such as your temples, inner wrists and inner elbows. Take three slow, deep breaths and allow the aroma to envelop your senses. I personally like to keep some in my bag for on the go use if I am in need of a boost and also on my bedside so that I can enjoy a restful slumber with ease.

Handmade in our Perfumery - Norfolk.