NORFOLK | Detox Travel Candle Kit



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Perfect if you are traveling and in need of a moment of relaxation.  Our range of travel candles are packaged in a handy and compact tin, a luxurious and calming treat to re-balance your mind when you’re on the move and away from home.

Choose from a selection of three hand poured, 20 hour, soy candles, each with their own unique therapeutic essential oil blend, especially formulated to help bring a peaceful moment in your day:

Detox travel candle

Formulated using our De-stress and breathe blend of over five different essential oils. As stress is one of the biggest toxins in our body we have formulated this candle specifically to help create a deep sense of calm.  This is a marvellous stress relieving blend, incorporating the deeply grounding Cedar wood oil - known for its ability to relieve anxiety, worry and nervous tension.  The sweet top notes of Coriander and Geranium oil - have a wondrously peaceful and calming effect on the mind. It's quite miraculous how certain essential oils have the ability to  ease the mind.  This blend is particularly good at helping your worries to seemingly melt away.