NORFOLK | Gemstone Diffuser - Rose Quartz & Calcite



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This unique gemstone diffuser blends Rose quartz with green calcite - designed to couple the therapeutic energy of gemstones with the beautiful fragrance of diffuser oils. Simply add a couple of drops of diffuser oil, allow the stones to absorb the fragrance before gently releasing it into the air.

Rose quartz and Green calcite is a beautiful combination, known for their abilities to help support and boost the energies of their environments.The Rose Quartz is a multi-vitamin for the soul, known as the love stone, it is has been used to attract love as early as 600 B.C. It emits powerful energies of compassion, comfort and healing. When these gemstones are incorporated into your environment, it promotes positive vibes in your chosen space. Which beautifully combines with the energy of Green Calcite, which is known for it's ability to increase your self-esteem and confidence and clear away any negative thoughts.  Both gemstones blend their energies to help create a positive, loving and compassionate space.

Add one of our beautiful diffuser oils to receive the full therapeutic benefits of our gemstone diffuser.