NORFOLK | Room and Mood Mist - Tomato & Geranium Leaf 150ml



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Create a beautiful atmosphere in your home with our mood mist room spray. One or two mists is all you need to fragrance your space and lift your mood. Beautifully aromatic and rich in botanicals, these subtle fragrances will boost your spirits and senses with their uplifting aromas. A unique melody of essential oils, enjoy the scent of nostalgia; rubbing a furry plant between your fingers or a grandmother's greenhouse.

Borne out of the desire to embody the fresh fragrance of gardening, I have muddled uplifting notes of lime and eucalyptus grounded with calming cedar and tomato combined with Geranium for a softer floral finish. Reminiscent of walking through an evergreen forest, bring the outdoors into your home for a nostalgic and grounding ambience.