NORFOLK | Travel Sleep Candle Kit



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Perfect if you are traveling and in need of a moment of relaxation.  Our range of travel candles are packaged in a handy and compact tin, a luxurious and calming treat to re-balance your mind when you’re on the move and away from home.

Choose from a selection of three hand poured, 20 hour, soy candles, each with their own unique therapeutic essential oil blend, especially formulated to help bring a peaceful moment in your day:

Deepest Sleep Travel candle 

Designed to help encourage a deep slumber, this candle is my go to when I'm traveling.  A synergistic blend of a few of my favourite essential oils including Lavender oil - perfect to calm the nervous system and relax your body & Orange oil, my wonder oil.  Light refreshing notes help to ease the mind and clear negative thoughts. This candle is deeply calming and emotionally comforting - who thought you could have such sweet dreams when you are away from home?