AERO Mini Diffuser Atomizing Anti-Oil Diffuser USB


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Power Modes
Low: ON 5s/ OFF 2mins in 2hrs (White LED)
High: ON 30s/OFF 2mins in 5 hours (Purple LED)

World's first Anti-oil leaking technology: New patented design nozzle which allows you to tilt device without any oil leaking.

Innovation: We've introduced the cutting-edge dual-fluid technology to the field of aroma diffusers. AERO MINI atomizing diffuser directly diffuses essential oils with no water and heat, making the fragrance stronger and maximizing the benefits of essentialoils.

360° Leak-Stop® - so you don't have to worry about the essential oils leaking anywhere when it's not being used. Go ahead, flip it upside down if you don't believe us.

Silent+™ Ultra-Quiet Technology with the unique Silent+™ ultra-quiet technology, you can even use it during sleep, allowing you to indulge in your exclusive aroma world.

XLRM™ Super Large Space Coverage Technology allows the fragrance to diffuse more quickly and effectively, and the fragrance can cover a larger space.

How to use

SEASONS diffusers work by extracting the essential oil straight from the bottle, without the need for water. Simply insert an essential oil bottle (5 ml, 10 ml or 15 ml) into the diffuser, or pour the essential oil directly into the included 15 ml essential oil bottle, then select your desired duration and output.


Product Size: φ 72 x 143 mm
Weight: 300 g
Material: PP
Power: DC5V 1A / 2500mAh
Working Time: 2H / 5H
Charging Time (Pro ver.): 6H
Battery Life (Pro ver.): Low 24H / High 15H
Coverage Area: up to 800 sq.-ft.
Compactable with 10ml / 15ml Essential Oil Bottle