Superbee Wool Dryer Balls

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Clothes dryers are known for chewing up electricity. The quicker clothes dry, the lower your electricity bill and carbon footprint. SuperBee Wool Dryer Balls help soften your clothes and reduce drying time by up to 30%. At the end of their very long life, they are also biodegradable and compostable, making them an awesome eco-friendly purchase.

If you prefer a fragrance to your clean clothes, simply add a few drops of your favourite essential oil directly to the wool balls and set aside for a couple of hours. Come the next wash, they will infuse your clothes with a subtle, chemical-free fragrance. Essential oils may discolour the surface of the balls but this will not impact their performance.

SuperBee Wool Dryer Balls come in a colourful little patchwork bag, sustainably made from the leftover fabric used in the production of our Wax Wraps. Bag can be used to store the dryer balls or repurposed.